May 10, 2022

About The Forge

1 min read - Published: 2 years ago

The Forge is the largest partnered hosting service for Foundry VTT. Developed in the early days before Foundry VTT's full release, it saw massive success in its early days, and rapidly expanded. Today, The Forge has seven staff members and counting, dedicated toward improving our user's hosting experience.

Quick Start

Get up and running in seconds. Experience all Foundry VTT has to offer with instantaneous modules activation & one-click upgrades.

Always Online

Your games are always online and available to you and your players. There are no bandwidth/transfer caps, and our storage quotas are generous- like the amount of minions a vengeful GM throws at their players.

Digitally Optimized

With servers in North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia, we're sure to have a location that works for you and your games! And with our CDN, we help you load your images, videos, and music from around the world- in the fastest possible manner.


We can help you get started. Sign up and subscribe, and you get an automatic two-week free trial, to experiment to your heart's content. Get started here.