May 10, 2022

The Forge's Second Anniversary and Blog Launch

1 min read - Published: 2 years ago

Celebration time!

Another year, and another successful one for The Forge! The company has experienced some amazing growth since last anniversary. Here's only a sampling of what we've accomplished since then:

  • Added three more developers and a project manager to our growing team on The Forge, with more to come...
  • Increased the sophistication of our service's technology with the addition of Cloudflare, more dedicated servers, and several dozen other small minor improvements toward improving reliability.
  • Released a new server location in Oceania (Australia), as well as a migration of our EU servers to OVH, in Frankfurt- to much success!
  • Dozens of small improvements to our website, especially to our subscription manager and user profile page.
  • Improvements to outside premium package installation, a compendium module creation tool, and a few other nice QoL features for the Foundry VTT experience...
  • And so much more that we haven't even begun to list here!

We aim to use this blog to improve our communication with our users. We'll begin posting developer update notes here, as well as posting interesting articles detailing the challenges that we experience as server hosts. We also plan on featuring some of the really fun, "out of the way" stuff you can do with Foundry VTT. We hope you'll enjoy some of what we share!