May 19, 2022

Finding your way in the Adventure Log

2 min read - Published: 2 years ago

Hello there, traveler!
You've opened up The Forge's Adventure Log. A previous post explains what we'll be using this platform for, so I'd like to give you all a quick tour. We'll list and detail the different categories you'll find here, so you can find what the content you're looking for!

Roll me a survival check
Let's take a look around so that you know how to get around.
- Take me home! You can always go back to the home page of the Adventure Log by clicking the Forge icon in the top left.
- Check out the different categories of posts by opening the 'Journals' drop-down on the top left, next to the Forge icon. We'll tag new entries with the appropriate tags whenever we make a new post.
- Want to get back to your game? Click on 'Back to The Forge' on the the far right.
- Keep up to date. You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking on the RSS icon on the top right!

Great, now do one for investigation
We might add more in the future, but right now we'll be grouping posts by the following categories:
- News. This'll be filled with announcements and newsworthy developments.
- Guides. How do I do that thing again? A handy category to find help and learn new things.
- Bazaar. Anything and everything relating to The Bazaar, The Forge's store platform!
- Community. That's you! Entries focused on the community will fall into this category.
- Engineering. Let us bore (or wow) you with the technical details. This won't be limited to software development. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something about accounting!
- Foundry VTT. Find posts related to our favourite virtual tabletop and roleplaying platform!
- Other. Entries that might not fit perfectly into another category will find their home here.

Alright, that's it!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little tour of the Adventure Log! Don't forget to check out the Tavern (that's what we call our forum) and our Discord channel where you're welcome to ask questions and see what else we've been up to!