Apr 19, 2023

FoundryCon 2023

2 min read - Published: a year ago

Hello Forge users! A cool new event for fans of Foundry VTT is taking place soon, starting May 19th, 2023, to May 21st 2023. Say hello to FoundryCon, the first virtual fan convention for Foundry VTT, hosted by the /r/FoundryVTT subreddit in partnership with Foundry Gaming.

GM Signup

FoundryCon 2023 has opened up sign up for GMs wishing to run during the convention. Sign up will be open until May 15th, 2023. Interested in running a game? You can sign up here.

Beyond the joy of running games for others and meeting new people, GMs will get the chance to win prizes and gifts from several sponsors. This includes us, The Forge.

GMs can reach out during sign up to recieve complimentary hosting from The Forge for the duration of the event. Participating GMs will also have the chance of winning various prizes and coupons from the loot table below. This includes a $50 gift card for those who roll a critical success! We want to encourage people to not only participate, but help contribute toward making one of the coolest fan conventions possible for the Foundry VTT community.

The Loot Table

Giving out prizes is fun, but deciding which prizes to give is not! So instead, we're letting Fate decide.

Each participating GM will get a chance to roll on The Forge's loot table and receive the prize that the dice gave them. After the event, we'll set up a game with a roll table that you can join and roll from. Roll a d8, and see what you've won!

Roll Result
1 10% Discount to a Forge subscription
2-3 20% Discount to a Forge subscription
4 3 months of a free World Builder subscription
5 20$ Forge Gift Card
6 Win a module of your choice (for any single sold on the Bazaar)
7 6 months of a free World Builder subscription
8 50$ Forge Gift card

Full Sign Up Details

GM Signups

Signups are currently open and will close on May 15th.

Some of the rules are as follows:

  • All Games must be free
  • Games will be organized on warhorn.net
  • Games may include tags:
  • Learn to Play (For players new to the system)
  • Beginner Friendly (New to Foundry VTT)
  • Experienced Players Only (Know the system / Foundry VTT)
  • Organized Play (i.e. Adventurers League, Pathfinder Society, etc.)
  • Games may be streamed and will be tagged with [Streamed]. Please tag streams with #FoundryCon

Player Signups

Signups Open May 1

Player sign-ups are delayed so that players may view options before committing to a game.

  • Signups will be organized on warhorn.net
  • Players can sign up to more than one game, but please only sign up to games you plan to attend
  • Look for learning games to learn a new system!
  • Games labeled [Streamed] will be streamed online.
  • Your GM may require video chat.
  • Please don’t sign up to a [Streamed] game if you don’t want to be [Streamed]

You can find more information at http://www.foundrycon.com/ and https://discord.gg/Xgtg4kFn5H.

We are very excited for FoundryCon, and are glad we can be a part of it. We hope that this will become a tradition. We hope to see you there.