Sep 6, 2023

The Forge Recommends Foundry Version 11

2 min read - Published: 10 months ago

We're thrilled to say that The Forge is ready to host your Foundry v11 games, with all its bells and whistles!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what v11 brings to the table, please have a look at Foundry's release notes to see the full update contents. It brings numerous performance and architectural improvements, updates to the user interface to enhance the user experience, new features, and more.

Road to Recommended

Foundry v11 has been accessible on The Forge for three months, mere days after its stable release by Foundry Gaming. It is our policy to keep any new version of Foundry VTT outside of the recommended channel for a period after release.

It is crucial for us to fully understand and support all of a new version's nuances. With the significant database changes and challenges that v11 has brought, this has taken longer than we originally anticipated.

Why We Waited

We have put much of these months of work into providing complete support for v11, including a Forge-specific change to allow different worlds to read from the same compendiums at the same time for Game Manager users with more than one Foundry license key.

Our commitment to quality also meant waiting for the most popular game systems to become v11 compatible, and giving the entire ecosystem enough time to fully catch up and become battle-tested. Stable systems with accessible packages means a smooth upgrade and the best possible experience for users.

Another significant addition in the latest stable update v11.308 is the ability to recover from very rare cases of database corruption. With this in place, we now feel fully confident in recommending Foundry v11 on The Forge.

If you're curious about the technical challenges we overcame during this time, check out our technical blog post here.

Before you update

Running on v11 will migrate your worlds and compendiums to the new format, and this is irreversible. We highly recommend that you back up your Forge Worlds and Compendium Modules before updating.

We always recommend that users look through their packages and make sure that the modules and systems which are required in your games have versions that are compatible with v11. Updating is optional and not automatic. In some cases, especially for long-running campaigns with many module, or which have no need for new features, you may also want to consider staying on your current Foundry version.

If you are ready to update, please go ahead and follow our guide on updating your Foundry version. Make sure to check out the Bazaar to update your systems and modules to the latest available versions!

Some compendium modules may use an outdated module manifest format which would make them invalid in v11 and cause them to be hidden in your world, at first. If you find that modules in your world that are installed aren't showing up in Foundry, don't panic! We have built a handy tool that helps you migrate your compendiums for v11 compatibility.

In conclusion

We're excited about this milestone and look forward to helping enhance your Foundry VTT experience even further. Thank you for your continued support, and happy gaming!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server or on the Tavern (Forums).

We're here to help you make the most of Foundry VTT and The Forge!