Apr 1, 2024

The Sketchy Revolution

2 min read - Published: 22 days ago

Greetings, Forge users!

You know The Forge for its hosting, and bonuses that it offers to the Foundry VTT experience. Here at The Forge, we're committed to pushing the boundaries and enhancing your gaming experience at every turn.

Because of this drive to push the boundaries, we have found ourselves in an unusual situation today. The Forge has never been a platform that tries to impose on the user. We deeply believe in allowing our users the freedom of choice, and allowing them to customize their experience to suit their preferences. But today, we are marking an exception. We are introducing a mandatory change to user themes, starting today. This theme applies to all users, without exception.

Most of you have probably noticed by now that your user profile theme has been changed to the "Sketchy" theme. Forward-thinking users who have already switched to this theme are of course unaffected, and we congratulate them on their forward-thinking taste in design aesthetic.

Here's a sneak preview of the awesome new Sketchy theme, pictured below.

Sneak peek of awesome Sketchy theme

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong

The "Sketchy" theme is the next revolutionary step forward for The Forge. Our R&D team has worked day and night, exhausting numerous resources to collect all possible and impossible use cases, all toward improving your satisfaction in the user experience. It's not easy to improve what is already perfect, like The Forge. It took many critical failures. But we didn't let this discourage us. We are here because of and thanks to our users, and it's only fitting that we press forward because of them!

Does this seem absurd? To help our users better understand what we are talking about, we would like to share our findings below:

  • Studies show that using the Sketchy theme for just one day increases user digital reflexes by 88.4%.
  • Research has shown that users have reached digital confluence by engaging with the Sketchy theme's aesthetic, resulting in enhanced productivity.
  • 55% of users surveyed about the Sketchy theme have described the theme as "brave", with one such remark being "Using this theme makes me feel like I can color outside the lines".
  • Cats interacting with user devices have been observed as lying on user keyboards 30% less when the Sketchy theme is enabled.
  • Users with the Sketchy theme enabled have unlocked hidden levels of dice enlightenment. Expect increased chances to critically hit, and a +5 Charisma bonus in all social interactions.

These are just some of the many results we have found through our research. It is clear to us that the Sketchy theme represents the next step forward in The Forge's user interface. Internally, we debated locking the theme behind a $100/annual subscription, but in the end decided that everyone deserved to experience the benefits of the Sketchy theme. The Sketchy design revolution does not wait for anyone!

"But what if I don't want a digital dexterity boost or cosmic alignment?". Well, resistance is futile! The Sketchy theme is coming for you, whether you like it or not. By resisting, you are only delaying the inevitable, and may suffer untold consequences accordingly. We have more information here.

After today, normalcy will be restored with a mere click of the mouse.

Happy gaming, adventurers! Keep the joke rolling!

Update: Due to negative feedback from users, especially due to accessibility concerns, we have decided to cancel the April fool's joke early. We apologize to users who were adversely affected.