May 20, 2024

The Forge's 4th-Year Anniversary

5 min read - Published: a month ago

We are happy to announce that The Forge is now four years old☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆!

We've had a proud four years. Millions of games and hours hosted on our service. An increasingly-durable infrastructure that has been built through sweat, headache, and hard work. Countless improvements and enhancements to our website's interfaces, with additional support to make running and preparing your games even easier.

We've come far. And it's all thanks to our users. Thank you to everyone who has made this success possible!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we'll be hosting an anniversary livestream on May 22nd, 2024, at 3PM EDT. Make sure to tune in here.

But that's not all. We are also happy to announce...

The Bazaar Anniversary Sale

Hundreds of packages from over a dozen of your favorite tabletop creators will be going on sale, from 12PM EST on May 20th, til the very end of May 26th. Now's your chance to get countless pre-made maps, Foundry scenes, tokens, animations, adventures, and more, all on a massive discount. Check out content on sale here, or check out below to find content on sale from your favorite creators!


Click here to visit their creator page

Adellos has created and released a variety of assets for your DMing needs, from token images to item art. Make sure to check them out for the wild variety of tokens they have on offer!

Alex at Dead4umedia

Click here to visit their creator page

Alex at Dead4umedia offers the essentials for your adventures. They offer weird and wacky map images for any setting imaginable.

Angela Maps

Click here to visit their creator page

Angela Maps creates static and animated battle maps, already walled and lit up for Foundry VTT. Immerse your players in moving maps and beautiful scenes!


Click here to visit their creator page

Bearworks is a mapmaker who seeks to tell a story, and build a world with their maps. These maps are interesting, but non-setting specific, perfect for whatever weird locale you throw your players into!

Brave New Worlds

Click here to visit their creator page

Brave New Worlds has released a storm of different battlemaps for Foundry VTT, already pre-lit and walled. Each map comes with several variants, usually for daytime, nighttime, and often seasonal. Interested? Make sure to check out his free sampler battlemap pack as well!


Click here to visit their creator page

Dumbhumandrawn is a token art specialist. Looking for that special kobold art for your NPCs? Need viscous, slimy tokens to set on your players? DumbHumanDrawn has you covered.

Dungeon Archive

Click here to visit their creator page

Dungeon Archive creates large and fantastical adventure battlemaps for your D&D adventures. These maps are incredibly colorful, with an adaptable palette and appearance suited for your general GMing needs.

Dragonshorn Studios

Click here to visit their creator page

Dragonshorn Studios is a high quality adventure module creator for Foundry VTT. These modules often include short encounters, adventures, and other fun and thematic content for your DMing enjoyment. Just enable, and import the content you want for your world.

Forgotten Adventures

Click here to visit their creator page

Forgotten Adventures is basically ubiquitous in the digital space at this point. With hundreds and hundreds of mapmaking assets, tokens, and more, Forgotten Adventures has content for everything you'll need when playing your Foundry VTT adventures.


Click here to visit their creator page

HmmingBrd is a new creator on The Forge, creating basic overheard area maps with a hexagonal focus. Make sure to give them a look!

JB Media

Click here to visit their creator page

JB Media is a newer creator to The Forge, and has gotten started with several different weird and cool mapmaking assets to insert into your worlds- from airships to smithys. Take a look and see how you can use their content in your games.


Click here to visit their creator page

Limithron is a creator perhaps best known for their oceans and ship maps. Their packages heavily embrace Foundry VTT and the virtual space, and often come with some element of animation, Each map pack is poignantly beautiful and offers several varieties, allowing you to get that perfect map for your game with every purchase.

Mammoth Factory Games

Click here to visit their creator page

Mammoth Factory Games makes monthly quality 5e adventures with premium 3D printable miniatures, VTT tokens & Paper-minis for your gaming table! They now release their content on The Forge, and we can heavily recommend them for their quality and variety.


Click here to visit their creator page

McRoMusic is a fantasy music composer who frequently releases content on The Bazaar, with albums and themes befitting a variety of situations. Need looping combat music? Have to set the mood for a sad situation? McRoMusic has you covered.

Michael Ghelfi Studios

Click here to visit their creator page

Michael Ghelfi Studios is another fantasy music composer, one with dozens of albums and more than a thousand songs, seeking to deliver the best possible experience for those who want to enhance their games with audio.


Click here to visit their creator page

PeaPu is a duo of artists who create assets for your favorite TTRPG games. Looking for scifi tokens, vehicles, or other weird and wacky under-served categories in the digital TTRPG space? PeaPu has you covered.

Wild Magic Surge

Click here to visit their creator page

Wild Magic Surge is a prolific artist on our Bazaar Marketplace, selling a large quantity of asset packages. Their content ranges from token packs to animated assets. Whatever the occasion or game, they’ll have content to make it better.