March 2023 Developer Update

Despite our recent issues, it's been a great month for those of us here at The Forge- and it's all thanks to our users! We'd like to thank everyone for their kind words, through the good and bad parts of February and early March. If you'd like to wat...

4 min read - Published: 18 days ago

By Destiny

February 2023 Developer Update

It's been a few months since we last held one of these! The holidays, the madness of the OGL situation, and all of the fun end-of-year admin work has held us up- but we're happy to have some new improvements to show off for The Forge's service! If yo...

3 min read - Published: 2 months ago

By Destiny

December 2022 Developer Update

It's the closing days of 2022, but we weren't done with the year yet. We have some final news, and exciting updates to share. If you'd like to watch the VOD of the livestream, you can catch it here: Otherw...

2 min read - Published: 3 months ago

By Destiny

Black Friday 2022

It's that time of the year again. The Forge Black Friday sale is officially live! New to Foundry VTT and need a dedicated host? Don't want to mess with hosting your own server? We make it fast and simple to get started hosting your Foundry VTT advent...

4 min read - Published: 4 months ago

By Destiny

November 2022 Developer Update

Stability and polish has been our focus the past few months. We've done quite a bit of infrastructure work to keep our services running smoothly, and polish work to clean up and improve the user experience. We also somehow found the time to work on a...

3 min read - Published: 5 months ago

By Destiny

September 2022 Developer Update

August has been a busy month for us at The Forge, and a busy time for the community in general. In the end, we think that Forge users will find the work we've put in very enjoyable. If you want to look back on our developer update livestream, you'll...

3 min read - Published: 7 months ago

By Destiny

Checkpoint reached!


— Celebrate this release with us, by using the coupon code at the end of this post With a breath of relief, we have finally released our Save Points feature. A long awaited feature for World Builder users, those eligible can now access the automatic...

5 min read - Published: 7 months ago

By Youness Alaoui

August 3rd 2022 Developer Update

IntroductionHello Forge users. As usual, we'd like to thank everyone who tuned in for our Forge developer update and asked so many interesting questions at It wouldn't be a lively livestream without your participation....

3 min read - Published: 8 months ago

By Destiny

June 29th 2022 Developer Update Notes

IntroductionHello Forge users and viewers. As usual, we'd like to thank our users for tuning for our Forge developer update at We thank everyone who came out to see what we had released. For those who want to catch ou...

2 min read - Published: 9 months ago

By Destiny

May 21st, 2022 Developer Update

IntroductionWhat a great developer update livestream! We thank everyone who came out, and hope you managed to win some gift cards, or Bazaar content. For those who want to catch the VOD, you can check out the full stream on Twitch, here. Otherwise, f...

3 min read - Published: 10 months ago

By Destiny