Apr 12, 2023

April 2023 Developer Update

3 min read - Published: a year ago

Another month, another Forge Developer update! We'd like to thank our users for the continued success we've enjoyed this year, and hope to keep The Forge living up to your standards.

If you'd like to watch back on the developer update livestream, you will be able to catch it here. Otherwise, read on!

Patreon Integration

We are proud to announce the release of The Forge's new Patreon integration! Creators are now able to offer their content to users on The Forge. Installing is as simple as contributing an appropriate amount, whether via lifetime contribution, an appropriate tier, or some combination of the two. Users will also have to be subscribed at Story Teller or higher to access this Patreon content.

We've done a lot of work toward getting this feature released, and we can't wait to see what Patreon creators will do with it.

Need help installing Patreon content, or understanding our integration better? We have information on it here.

AI and The Forge

AI is an interesting topic. It's also a divisive one. We've just released a blog post summarizing our position and our policy here. To make a long story short- content submitted to The Bazaar made with AI models such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney will not be approved going forward.

This policy does not impact users, merely creators who wish to submit AI content to The Bazaar marketplace.

An Interview with Limithron

As it so happens, we've also just released an interview with Limithron, artist and pirate extraordinaire! If you're a fan of naval and pirate-themed content (ocean battlemaps, pirate coves, ships, and more!), we recommend checking out the interview here.

Upcoming Features Demo

During the livestream, we showed off various upcoming features planned for this quarter, including

  • Foundry log filtering.
  • Language selection
  • Even more improvements to the assets library.
  • More polish for the user manager.
  • And a better Bazaar search and filter function.

Q2 2023 Roadmap

For this quarter, we are going to be focusing on... nothing! Or rather, nothing user-facing. On our end, we are going to be improving a lot of the internal processes and technologies we use for development. This will help make our development easier, more consistent, and more efficient. It's hard to state how useful it'll be, but suffice to say this will be an investment in the future for The Forge's development.

We'll also be taking this time to update quite a bit of our backend web and system technology. This will help keep The Forge stable and secure- something we're sure that many would consider important.

Of course, we'll still be releasing polish updates and other changes in the backend. This is just more a heads up that the major updates we'll be doing for the rest of this quarter may not be user-facing, at least directly- but are still highly valuable.

Bazaar Showcase

We showcased the following packages for our developer update:


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