Sep 8, 2022

September 2022 Developer Update

3 min read - Published: a year ago

August has been a busy month for us at The Forge, and a busy time for the community in general. In the end, we think that Forge users will find the work we've put in very enjoyable.

If you want to look back on our developer update livestream, you'll be able to catch it here. Otherwise, read on!

Version 10

Thanks to the hard work of the Foundry Gaming developers, version 10 is now live and released as stable. This update brings an improved journals system, even more vision options, and a great new pings system.

But as with all major updates to Foundry VTT, there will be some disruption that comes with upgrading. For many, modules and systems will not be ready for version 10. On our side, we're also ironing out a few bugs that make the version 10 experience a little uneven. As a result, we strongly suggest that users wait until we move version 10 to the recommended channel on The Forge.

If you want to go ahead and update, you are free to! But please make backups before doing so, whether or not it's yet recommended. Once you've upgraded to version 10, you cannot downgrade again. Unlike previous upgrades, upgrading to version 10 is a one-way process.

Save Points

Our long awaited Save Points feature is now out. You can now manually save a world, enable automatic saves, and allow us to manage the backup process for you. This feature is exclusive to World Builder users. For more information on Save Points and how to use them, see our guide here.

If you'd like access to this feature, we have a coupon code available to use for annual World Builder subscriptions purchases and upgrade until September 10th, 2022. Just use SAVEPOINTS10 at checkout.

League Package Jam

For those unaware, the League's Package Jam has been extended due to the delay in releasing version 10 of Foundry VTT. Developers interested in creating new, and open source modules for version 10 can follow the linked instructions below, and develop for a chance to win amazing prizes, including Forge gift cards. Casual users are also invited to get involved, to help act as judges.

For more information, visit the League's page on the version 10 package jam here:

Foundry Hub Weblate

Do you know more than one language? Do you want to help translate Foundry modules into other languages? Foundry Hub, a website for Foundry VTT modules has put together a Weblate project. This means that users, without extensive technical expertise required can now contribute to translating community modules, for the great good of all Foundry VTT users.

If you'd like to help make Foundry VTT a more accessible platform for other users, we definitely recommend checking it out here:


An update on our current hiring process- we are finishing up our review of applicants, and will be sending out interview requests within the next two weeks.

Sales Tax in West Virginia

All Bazaar purchases and subscription invoices will now charge sales tax in West Virginia, as of September 1st, 2022. We hope this will help explain any unexpected rises in cost to our West Virginian users.

Bazaar Showcase

We showcased the following Bazaar packages:

And two free bonus modules:

And that's it!

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