Feb 2, 2023

February 2023 Developer Update

3 min read - Published: a year ago

It's been a few months since we last held one of these! The holidays, the madness of the OGL situation, and all of the fun end-of-year admin work has held us up- but we're happy to have some new improvements to show off for The Forge's service!

If you'd like to watch our developer update, you will be able to watch it here. Otherwise, read on!

The OGL Situation

We're sure that everyone has heard about the OGL situation, from the leaked drafts, to the community upheaval, all the way to the second failed draft, followed by the Creative Commons update.

We would recommend watching the beginning of the developer update VOD on The Forge's official position, but in a few words: We hated this. We are glad that WotC has reversed their position on this, we are glad the community and third party creators fought hard for this, and we are glad we can get back to the games we know and love.

Server Issues

Onto another depressing topic, we had a series of unfortunate slowdowns during peak usage times on The Forge until early-mid January. These issues were chronic, and resulted in a lot of headaches for our users. We've managed to resolve this after much troubleshooting and headache.

And then we had a full outage. This was entirely due to an issue with DigitalOcean, which they managed to resolve after several hours.

These server issues are frustrating, but our infrastructure becomes a little better each time we fix it. We thank our users for bearing with us, and look forward to a highly productive 2023.

Asset Library

We now have a new asset library interface! Users can check out their Assets page on the Forge to play around with the new interface. It offers:

  • The ability to switch between a tile view and a list view.
  • Scaling file previews, allowing to switch between a compact asset view, and seeing the actual files.
  • A variety of new hotkeys.
  • A clearer indication of available asset storage space.
  • And much, much more!

We hope these improvements will make it easier for users who like to use this interface, or need to use it in the future.

User Manager Improvements

For those with access to our user management, we've made a number of improvements.

Turning user manager on and off will no longer reset passwords you've set for your users in-game. This is handy for users who wish to trial our User Manager feature, and find that it does not meet their use case.

In addition, we've revamped the user interface and added some additional features. The coolest of these features is that GMs can now create users ahead of time, before players have joined. This is useful if you need to assign the player relevant in-game permissions ahead of time- in effect, giving User Manager the same advantages as the native Foundry VTT user management system.


As usual, we've added quite a bit of polish to The Forge's services. Users will now receive warnings when their game data is migrating, an increasingly large concern. We've also increased the amount of resources available to users when migrating their data.

In addition, users with 2FA enabled who need to use their one-time passwords will now receive a clearer warning when their authentication fails due to the password already being used.

Are you a power user investigating issues in your Foundry VTT world? We now make the Foundry VTT logs plainly visible for users, allowing them to investigate the issues in their worlds.

Bazaar Showcase

During the developer update livestream, we showcased the following packages on The Bazaar:

And that's about it!

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