Jun 30, 2022

June 29th 2022 Developer Update Notes

2 min read - Published: 2 years ago


Hello Forge users and viewers. As usual, we'd like to thank our users for tuning for our Forge developer update at https://www.twitch.tv/forgevtt. We thank everyone who came out to see what we had released.

For those who want to catch our VOD, you'll be able to find it here. Otherwise, feel free to read on!


  • We'll be starting a hiring phase within the next two weeks!
  • This time, we're only looking for people who live in and are eligible to work in Canada- preferably, Quebec.
  • We'll be hiring a Backend Software Developer, and a Senior Linux Systems Administrator.
  • We are only looking for people with experience. We want to hire someone who can tell us how to do something.
  • Details and salaries will be included with the actual job posting. Keep an eye on our social media!


Speaking of hiring, we've just hired on an intern!

  • We'd like to welcome Arcanist, a promising young developer with a lot of history in Foundry VTT module development already.
  • He'll be working on helping us with our Beyond importing and functionality.

Party Chat

We now offer a game chat feature on The Forge.

  • It's a mini-chat/forum section for each of your games.
  • You can find it in your worlds menu.
  • Basically a great place for leaving messages about your game. It'll be especially valuable for those who run for living worlds, or otherwise run for a lot of people on a single world.

Google and Discord Login

  • We've offered login/account creation through Patreon.
  • Now we're offering the same options through Discord and Google!
  • You can create a new account, or tie an existing account to your Google, or Discord, or Patreon login.
  • We hope this makes your login process a little easier.

Cloudflare Proxying

We now offer users the option to opt in to proxying their Foundry VTT connections through Cloudflare.

  • What this basically means is that if you're loading Foundry VTT, you'll get the best possible connection as established by Cloudflare.
  • This should theoretically help with connection stability a great deal.
  • We've also randomly enabled it for many of our users so that we can get some good stability testing with the feature.
  • If it works out, we'll roll it out to the entire Forge userbase.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Relative imports for esmodules from one package to another should now work as expected.
  • We've improved the games listing for our users, improving neatness.
  • We've improved the UI for our import wizard.
  • Livekit support has been expanded to Asia. It works for Australia's servers as well now, but it will be using the Asian livekit servers for the time being, for infrastructure reasons.
  • We've introduced a few optimizations for when you browse Bazaar files within Foundry VTT.