May 21, 2022

May 21st, 2022 Developer Update

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What a great developer update livestream! We thank everyone who came out, and hope you managed to win some gift cards, or Bazaar content. For those who want to catch the VOD, you can check out the full stream on Twitch, here. Otherwise, feel free to read on!

Forge Anniversary

  • The Forge has now been around for two years- we’re here to stay.
  • Back in 2020, it was a lot smaller. Only three staff were on hand, and only KaKaRoTo was full time. Now, The Forge’s staff has more than doubled, with most working full time for the service.
  • Our server capacity has expanded both in number, and in locations.
  • We’ve remade the website, and in some locations several times over.
  • We’ve fixed and modified hundreds of tiny little things on the user facing side, and in the back-end- all in the name of making a smoother experience for our users.
  • We’ve made The Forge more professional, and even more reliable and user-friendly. We hope to maintain the enthusiasm that’s brought us this far, and remain as close to the community as we’ve been over the past few years.

Two Factor Authentication

  • Now available on The Forge!
  • Two factor authentication is an optional feature that requires someone logging into your account to use a code provided by an authenticator app on your phone/mobile device. It means someone accessing your account needs not only your login details, but your mobile device as well!
  • We have a guide to setting it up here:

Blog Launch

  • We’ve long wanted to share some of the fun technical challenges that come with hosting.
  • And in general, we’ve wanted a semi-official way of announcing content in a long-form way.
  • And thus, we’ve launched our blog.
  • We’ll be using it to share important news, interesting trivia, and other information that you may find useful for your Foundry VTT experience.

Compendium Browser

  • We know that browsing through content that users import from D&D Beyond can be a little disorganized. Wanting to make it easier on our users, we developed the compendium browser.
  • This feature conveniently allows you to browse content imported from D&D Beyond, just as if it was a book! Check out this highlight from our stream to see it in action!
  • Anything you buy on D&D Beyond can be yours to browse on The Forge- as long as you spend the time and storage importing it.
  • We have a guide to using our D&D Beyond Compendium Browser here:
  • We’d like to once again thank Mr. Primate for helping us get started with our D&D Beyond integration.

Forge Sale!

  • Annual subscriptions to the Story Teller and World Builder tier are 10% off, for a one-time discount.
  • We also have creators offering packages on sale- Kelfecil, Limithron, Crosshead Studios, Wild Magic Surge, and Brave New Worlds will be offering sales.
  • We hope this helps those of you getting started in Foundry VTT, or who’ve been looking for an upgrade.

Livekit Integration

  • While Foundry VTT’s in-game voice and video chat is good, we thought we could add something different.
  • And so The Forge has added dedicated voice and video servers via Livekit, with the help of Bekit, developer of the LiveKit AVclient module.
  • This feature will be available to users at the World Builder tier, and will temporarily only be available to users in the NA and EU regions.
  • We have a guide to using the feature here:

Save Points

  • We haven’t forgotten about our promises for an automatic world backup.
  • We’ve begun working on this project again, and we hope to have information for our users soon.
  • We thank everyone for their patience.

Bazaar Showcase

We showcased the following Bazaar packages. Make sure to check out each creator’s content on our service, especially during the sale.


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