Nov 9, 2022

November 2022 Developer Update

3 min read - Published: 2 years ago

Stability and polish has been our focus the past few months. We've done quite a bit of infrastructure work to keep our services running smoothly, and polish work to clean up and improve the user experience. We also somehow found the time to work on adding new features, and properly supporting version 10!

If you want to look back on our developer update livestream, you'll be able to catch it here. Otherwise, read on!

Version 10 is Now Recommended

Version 10 has worked on The Forge since its release. However, there were some improvements that we wanted to add. For instance, we wanted to have a tool for migrating shared compendiums that users had created within our website. We're happy to say this tool works phenomenally! You will be prompted to use this tool upon first entering your game in version 10, but you can also check it out here.

This, along with a plethora of bug fixes and improvements to the update experience means that our platform is ready for when you're ready to update... to version 10!

Custom Module Improvements

There's a lot of tools and content out there for Foundry VTT that aren't on a package listing. Updating these custom modules has been slightly inconvenient for our users. We've drastically improved this experience, allowing you to update this content like any other module or package. It's one of the first additions by our new employee Eranziel. Speaking of which....

Our Newest Hires are Here!

Two of the newest members of the Forge team have joined us this October! Eranziel is a skilled community developer, and is the developer for the Lancer system in Foundry VTT. He comes with expertise in backend programming knowledge, and will help us shape our platform into something greater.

Neeraj comes to us from outside the Foundry VTT community, with a lot of knowledge under his belt. He's our newest systems administrator, and will be bringing his expertise to help us develop our infrastructure for all the challenges we're facing.

We hope that our userbase can offer these two a warm welcome, and look forward to what they'll do for improving The Forge.

DDoS Attacks

As many users are keenly aware, The Forge has been the target of several DDoS attacks. We actually went over their impact and how it happened here.

This looked to be the end of it, until we received another attack this week. This attack was enough to disconnect users from their games for about a minute, and decrease load times for a few minutes afterward. Fighting against DDoS attacks is a cat and mouse game. You can put protections in place, but attackers can always find new and sophisticated ways of attacking. It's a race we're working hard to stay ahead on, and we're never happy to see our users affected. We thank everyone for their patience, and hope our latest measures will prove even better at protecting the user experience.

Version Deprecation

We've started recommending that users that aren't on the latest version for a phase of Foundry VTT (0.7, 0.8, version 9, etc.) upgrade to the latest version of that phase of Foundry VTT development. We want our users getting the best possible experience in Foundry VTT, and will continue to recommend that users upgrade to at least the final stable version of that version of Foundry VTT in order to stay ahead on security and bug fix improvements.


A lot of the work these past two months has been on polishing our website. User Manager no longer breaks passwords, we've added a world loading bar, we've improved performance of the import wizard and save point features, and even improved the detail displayed for Foundry VTT packages on The Bazaar.

There's more polish to come. The Forge is great, but services can always be improved.

Black Friday Sale

Once again, we will be running a Black Friday sale. The sale will run from November 21st-28th. We'll have a dedicated announcement for it soon, including how to claim a discount for your subscriptions, and what products will be going on sale.

Bazaar Showcase

We showed off the following packages during our Bazaar showcase:

And that's it!

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