Oct 25, 2023

October 2023 Developer Update

3 min read - Published: 6 months ago

Hello Forge users! Summer has turned into autumn, and our fall harvest is about as large as the farmer's harvests. We are proud to announce and share one of the larger updates we've done in a long time.

If you'd like to watch back on the developer update stream, you'll be able to catch it here. Otherwise, read on!

Other Blogs

We've released a few blog posts recently. One is about our awesome business trip to Punta Cana, which you can read about here.

We also recently interviewed Sven Werlen, a.k.a. Dorgendubal, developer of Moulinette. You can read the interview here.

Sharing Folders Update

We've released a huge improvement to users sharing their asset libraries. Users can now share specific folders, instead of their entire asset library. We also support greater granularity with this update, allowing read permissions, along with read/write permissions. Shared folders can also time out, or never expire per the sharing user's wishes. Best of all, you can now revoke specific keys, and no longer have to revoke all keys at once.

We also make it a lot easier to view what you've shared, and switch between shared folders and your own assets library - even in-game.

Need help understanding the new features? We have documentation updated and available here.

V11 Recommended

We've recommended V11 for months now, but only shortly after our last developer update. If you've been waiting and your favorite system is V11 ready, we'd recommend switching now. All Foundry-adjacent tools on The Forge have had weeks, or months to be polished for V11, and work great.

A challenger approaches... Rughalt!

Rughalt is now working with The Forge! For those who do not know, Rughalt is an accomplished adventure maker, making content in Foundry VTT for various systems, including 5e, PF2e, PF1e, and 3.5e!

He's already helped with polish and for pushing out standing tasks. We're glad to have Rughalt helping us, and are glad to welcome another skilled person like him to our team.

D&D Beyond Improvements

We've polished our Beyond improter quite a bit. You now get to see the progress of your imports, and importing rulebooks doesn't prompt you to install a world anymore. Just some nice QoL features we hope that users utilizing the service will enjoy.

Next game time (Coming Soon)

Scheduling is the ultimate enemy for most TTRPG groups, and we can help make the fight a little easier. Coming soon to The Forge, you'll be able to set a next game time, which will be visible for your players when they visit The Forge and look at the game in question. This feature will include automatic session scheduling as well, allowing you to set it to reccur weekly, or to recurr on certain dates.

Time is always hard to work with, but we look forward to having the feature come out soon.™️

Unbelievable levels of polish

There is so much to get into we can't even begin to list it all, but here are the highlights:

  • We've improved premium module installation in general, such as .zip files getting stuck on The Forge and the unusual "unexpected end of JSON input" errors.
  • Data padding is more generous now, to better allow for premium module installation, especially Pathfinder: Kingmaker.
  • We'll automatically try to repair any corrupted V11 databases on The Forge.
  • The import wizard has gotten a facelift, improving its appearance. It should now explain things better for new users, and be easier to use in general.
  • If you install content on The Bazaar, we now show the required content you'll install alongside that package in the full package view.
  • We alert users if their game is making excessive API requests to The Forge's servers- which should help inform users as to why they are having performance issues in game.
  • And along with countless other infrastructural improvements, we've improved the game scheduler and health checks of our servers, which should help ensure a smoother experience.

Bazaar Showcase

We encourage our users to check out Halloween content in general on The Forge, which you can find here: https://forge-vtt.com/bazaar#tag=halloween&sort=featured

We showcased the following content on the livestream:


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