Jul 27, 2022

The Forge is hiring!

1 min read - Published: 2 years ago

The Forge has been growing steadily since its inception, thanks to its success in providing the very best service to its users.

And with growth comes increased size and scope. To meet these challenges head-on, we are proud to announce we are opening two new positions within The Forge. We want to stay ahead of our platform's growing needs, and continue to provide improvements to its stability and performance.

We are hiring a Senior Backend Developer and a Senior SysOps/Systems Administrator.

At this time, we are only looking for experienced candidates who can significantly contribute with their knowledge and experience. For various and complex administrative reasons, we are only hiring within Canada, preferably (but not exclusively) in Qu├ębec. We will only make an exception if a non-Canadian candidate has enough skills and qualifications to significantly stand out from the other applicants.

If you are interested in applying, check out our open positions and instructions on how to apply on our Jobs page.