May 18, 2023

Forge 3rd Anniversary Livestream

4 min read - Published: a year ago

This is huge! Incredible! Amazing! The Forge has now been in business for three years now. We're so happy and thankful for our users helping us to get here.

Every year, we've become more professional, improving our services, stability, and overall organization. And yet at the same time, we've managed to keep a closeness to the community. We're not some West Coast investment startup with mysterious investors. Everything was built by KaKaRoTo from the beginning, and then later by KaKaRoTo and his staff.

Through all of the challenges The Forge has faced, we continue to be so glad that users continue to choose our service. Thank you to everyone who does so, and we look forward to another year of proud success!

If you'd like to watch back on the developer update livestream, you can watch it here. Otherwise, read on!

3rd Anniversary Writing Contest

As we announced in a recent blog post, we are offering our users the chance to stretch their writing muscles. We invite users to write about The Forge- whether in the form of wacky fanfiction, RPG-ready content, or other inspired written words. Then, go ahead and submit it to us either via @forgevtt, or on our subreddit /r/ForgeVTT.

We, and the community will then pick a winner, starting on June 1st, 2023. The winner will be announced on June 7th, 2023 at 5PM EDT. For full details on the contest, including terms and conditions and how we'll decide the winner, we encourage reading the full blog post here.

Creator Improvements

It's never been a better time to be a Bazaar Creator. We've made quite a few more improvements for Bazaar Creators, from improving the creator profiles to improving our search function within their dashboard, allowing creators with many packages to more easily find their content. We also have something very cool in the pipeline...

Bazaar Tags

To be released later, we will be adding the ability to tag premium Bazaar content. This will include a variety of pre-determined tags that we'll suggest for creators, and for users when searching for Bazaar content, as well as offer the ability for creators to set custom tags.

The amount of tags we'll allow per-package will be limited, but will be encouraging more specific tags by allowing location-style tags like "urban" to also be searchable when looking for "location" specific packages.


We cannot crow about this enough. Come join the community celebration at FoundryCon, a virtual convention beginning this Friday, May 19th! It will be a massive celebration of what makes Foundry VTT so special- the community and the people playing in it. While GM signups have been closed, they are still having the last calls to join in as players. For more details on how to join, we encourage checking out the /r/FoundryCon subreddit.

Have a question you suspect has been asked before, but don't know the answer for it? Don't want to wait around for a human to come by and answer it? We now offer optional support through an AI robot, which will parse our forums for related responses and offer useful information. We hope our users will find it helpful.

Server Improvements

Users might notice that we've finished our move to the OVH servers. Everyone's games should now properbly be on these servers, and most of the issues caused by the previous migrations have been fixed. Given the incredible stability of our servers since then, we think its been a good move.

We hope our users will enjoy the increased stability for their hosted games.

Asset Library Revamp

We've recently released even more improvements for our assets library. It's now easier to search for content. Video clips can now be previewed within the asset library. We also show a progress bar when users are moving or uploading large amounts of content. This, along with a host of other improvements too numerous to be compiled here are part of our efforts to revamp the assets library in general and offer an incredible experience for those hosting on our service.

Look forward to future improvements, including the ability to share specific folders with other users, as well as the ability to seamlessly swap between different asset libraries.

Australia and Norway Sales Tax

We have already emailed our users in Norway and Australia. But in case you missed this and are now reading these notes, we will begin collecting Norway VAT and Australian GST beginning June 1st. As usual, we thank our users for helping us get to this point, and hope it will not be a significant burden for users in these jurisdictions.

D&D Beyond Improvements

We've released a few improvements/fixes for D&D Beyond. Subclass imports for 5e should function properly now, across the spectrum. We've also updated the Beyond adventure modules, ensuring better functionality for a few broken adventures. We've also fixed a few issues in our integration regarding map URLs. Finally, we've set the converter to properly set monster subtypes, and monster condition immunities.

Bazaar Showcase

During the livestream, we showcased the following packages:

And that's all folks!

Thanks for tuning in/reading. To get more updates about what The Forge is doing, you can follow us at the following social media channels.